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Dual Credit Ivy Tech Community College



§  Currently, Ivy Tech partners with Munster High School to offer 25 classes for dual credit. 

§  Please note that classes are subject to change on a yearly basis due to licensing requirements.

§  Dual Credit programing is likely to shift dramatically at the conclusion of the 2021-22 school year when new regulations take effect.

§  To see a complete list of classes and pre-requisite requirements, please open the attachment below.


§  Freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior students are eligible for enrollment pending on course load, previous dual credits, and test scores.

§  Applications for IT dual credit will take place in the classrooms.

§  Students complete the application only once.  A social security number (SSN) is required to complete the application. 

§  Teachers will receive class rosters that have been vetted for PSAT scores, GPAs, and previous credits. (Students can supply additional scores on the ACT and SAT for consideration.)

§  Teachers will report which students are interested in dual credit.

§  Students who have qualifying scores will be enrolled.

§  Students lacking qualifying scores will be issued the Accuplacer assessment to see if they can qualify.  Unfortunately, not all students will qualify for dual credit.

§  Courses have unique prerequisites.  Please review the chart below to see what is needed for a course.

§  Grade 9 and 10 students likely have to take the Accupalcer since they have yet to take a PSAT/NMSQT.


§  All courses offered through Ivy Tech are completely free to students and families.

Transferring Credits

§  Typically, Ivy Tech credits transfer without factoring into future GPAs.

§  All Ivy Tech dual credits will be listed on both the MHS and Ivy Tech Transcripts.

§  A GPA will be created within the Ivy Tech system but this GPA does not extend beyond the Ivy Tech system.  Most post-secondary institutions prefer for students to build their GPAs within their systems.

§  Ivy Tech reports whole-letter grades.  There are no pluses or minuses listed for their courses.

§  A grade of B- is recorded as B.  A grade of B+ is also recorded as B.

§  Year-long Munster courses will average grade to determine the Ivy Tech grade.

§  Advice: Students earning a C or higher should remain in dual credit classes.  Students earning less than a C should drop.

§  Please see attached documents below for previewing and ordering transcripts.

§  Transcripts will be ready in the month of July.

Reading Ready

§  ACT Reading: 18

§  SAT ERW: 510

§  SAT Reading: 25

§  PSAT Reading: 25

§  Accuplacer Reading: 76

§  Senior GPA: 2.6 (6-semesters)


Writing Ready

§  ACT English: 17

§  SAT ERW: 510

§  SAT Writing: 27

§  PSAT Writing: 26

§  Accuplcer Writing: 80

§  Senior PGA: 2.6 6-semesters)

Math Ready

§  Accuplacer Elementary Algebra: 40

§  Accuplacer Arithmetic: 60

§  ACT Math: 18

§  SAT Math: 500

§  PSAT Math: 25

§  Senior PGA: 2.6 6-semesters)

§  Upper-level math classes can have higher cut scores

§  See Dual Credit Course list with Pre-Req’s for details

Ivy Tech Contacts

§  Aleesha Thirkles-Williams ( (219-981-1111)

§  Anthony Gagliardi (



§  2018-19 Munster Dual Credit Courses with Pre-Req’s

§  Online App:

§  Accuplacer Practice Questions

§  Ivy Tech Drop Form

§  Ivy Tech: Previewing Transcripts

§  Ivy Tech: Ordering Transcripts

§  PNW Transcript Release Form (Needed if a student takes AP ENGL and AP ECON)

§  Reasons for Enrolling in Dual Credit

§  Ivy Tech Master Pre-Req Document

§  Dual Credit FAQ