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Dual Credit

Purdue University Northwest


Please note that classes are subject to change on a yearly basis due to licensing requirements.

Munster High School has a partnership with Purdue University Northwest for the delivery of the following classes:

1.       AP English Literature and Composition (ENGL 104)

2.       AP English Language and Composition (ENGL 104)

3.       AP Statistics (STAT 301)

(Students can only earn the ENGL 104 credit once, either as a junior or senior.)


§  Only juniors and seniors are eligible for dual credit through Purdue.

§  Applications are due to Purdue Northwest before the close of the previous school year.

§  Students interested in dual credit for the 18-19 school year must have submitted their applications and registration forms by May of 2018.

§  Students should be mindful of the MHS deadline for these applications.  MHS needs time to process applications before releasing them to Purdue.

§  First-time students must complete an application and registration form.

§  Returning students must complete a registration form.

§  Students are required to report current test scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT) and their GPA.

§  Students must have a CORE GPA of 3.0 to be admitted.

§  Not all students will be approved for dual credit.  Approval is at the discretion of the awarding institution.

§  Students will verify their enrollment in the fall of the following year.  Students have the opportunity to drop at this time if they prefer.

§  For 2018-19, Purdue representatives will visit dual credit classes to present to students.


Academic Probation

§  Grades earned in Purdue dual credit classes will remain within the Purdue system.

§  Students who take dual credit in high school and then enroll in a Purdue school will be continuing their GPA and credit counts.

§  Students who fall below a GPA of 2.0 in classes will be placed on academic probation.

§  Advice: Students should only remain in Purdue Dual Credit classes if earning a B or higher.  This is at the discretion of the student and family, though.

§  Purdue grades mirror high school grades in that pluses and minuses are used and factored.

§  Students who fail dual credit classes will be required to pay readmission fees.

§  Being on probation can affect admissions decisions to any Purdue campus as well as financial aid.


§  There is a $75 fee for dual credit courses through Purdue ($25 per credit hour).

§  Statements will be mailed to the student’s home from Purdue.

§  Students will be withdrawn from courses for lack of payment.


·         Transcripts will be prepared sometime in the month of July.

·         Courses will also be listed on the MHS transcript.

·         Information for requesting/releasing a transcript is listed below.


Purdue Northwest Contacts

Peter Bailey (Undergraduate Admissions) ( (219-785-5590)

Rachel Clark (Concurrent Enrollment) ( (219-785-5236)



§  Application

§  Registration Form

§  Reasons to Enroll in Dual Credit

§  Transcript Request Form

§  Accessing Your Purdue Transcript

§  Purdue Drop Form