ISTEP+ 2018 Summer Message
2018 ISTEP Results

The 2018 ISTEP results for Munster High School students are available in the Parent Portal.

Students in 10th grade were tested in English and Math.  They might have also tested in Science if they were enrolled in Biology this year.

Students in 9th grade tested in Biology if they were enrolled in that class.

Students who did not pass these assessments previously were also tested.

Munster High School has mailed home letters with ISTEP claim codes.

If you have viewed ISTEP scores in the past, you should be able to log into your account.  If you don’t remember your password, please select “Forgot Password” and follow the steps provided.

If you have never accessed ISTEP scores before, please create a new account.

Once in the account, you will be able to see your students’ scores.  You can also request that Pearson RESCORE items on your students’ assessments. 

We strongly encourage families to request rescores.  It only takes a moment to request a rescore once you are in the account.  Requesting a rescore on 1 item can lead to multiple points being added into the composite score. 

Students who did not pass English 10 and Math 10 will be required to retest in December 2018.  Currently, the high school is working on an enrichment plan for these students.   Students are required to pass English and Math to graduate.  They are not required to pass Science.

It is worth noting that this is the 3rd year of these assessments and that they are more challenging than the previous ECAs. 

If you did not receive a mailing, please contact the Guidance Office so that we can connect you with your claim codes.  Please email and/or  It is best to do this over email, so that we can copy and paste your claim code to you. Please note the name of your student in your email. Claim Codes are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown. 

An email message is also being sent with the directions for accessing scores. A document with cut scores is also included. 


ISTEP Cut Scores 

2018 ISTEP Parent Portal Guide 

Click here for the Parent Portal:

The rescore window closes on June 22nd.  We encourage you to request your rescores now since there will be higher portal traffic near the end of the window.   

Final scores will be viewable in the portal on July 26th.