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ISTEP+10 Practice Materials

Experience Online

In order to help students prepare for the new ISTEP 10 assessments in English, Math, and Science, the following page was created by the Department of Education.

Items on this page mirror items on the ISTEP+ Part 2, the online component of the exam.  The items are open to review by students, families, and school personnel.  These specific items are sanctioned as approved classroom activities. 

These tests will have computer-enhanced items, so it is vital that students practice these formats prior to testing in April/May.  

Accessing Experience via a Standard Desktop or Laptop Browser

To access the Experience TestNav 8 forms using a desktop or laptop and FireFox, Internet Explorer 11, or Safari browser (the Chrome browser is not compatible), simply click on the following link or enter the URL into your browser's address bar: (link is external). Please note that mobile device browsers are not officially supported for use with TestNav 8.

Experience Answer Keys (click to see)

Once you have attempted the items, please take a moment to check your answers.  Correcting answers now is great practice for the actual ISTEP+ Part 2. 

Additional Guidance Regarding English/Language Arts and Math Experience Online Items